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Introducing Retractable Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Function, Refreshing the Selfie World?

Jul 04, 2024 1


With the continuous advancement of smartphone photography technology, HSU introduces a brand new product - the retractable 1.8m selfie stick with Bluetooth function. The introduction of this selfie stick heralds a whole new era of selfie experience, making remote shooting more convenient and interesting.

1.Innovative design, shooting more freely

This selfie stick has a retractable design that allows users to freely adjust the length of the stick according to their shooting needs, making it easy to handle both selfies and landscapes. At the same time, the built-in Bluetooth function allows users to remotely control the use of remote control mobile phone shooting through a simple one-button operation, which greatly enhances the flexibility and convenience of shooting.

2.Bluetooth technology, remote shooting without boundaries

By integrating the latest Bluetooth technology, the selfie stick achieves a seamless connection with smartphones. Users only need to lightly press the photo button on the remote control, you can control the mobile phone shooting at a distance of up to 10 metres, whether it is a single person selfie or a group photo of many people, it can be easily dealt with, so that the remote shooting has become within reach.

3.Stability and clarity

In order to ensure the stability and clarity of shooting, the selfie stick is made of high-strength aluminium alloy and equipped with a non-slip handle, which can maintain stable shooting even in motion. In addition, the chuck part of the selfie stick adopts a 360-degree rotating design, so users can easily adjust the shooting angle to capture every wonderful moment.

4.User experience, always in the first place

HSU understands the importance of user experience, and therefore keeps optimising the design of the selfie stick. The new selfie stick is not only upgraded in function, but also carefully polished in details to ensure that users can enjoy a comfortable and convenient shooting experience during use.

5.Warm Market Response

Since the release of the new selfie stick, the market has responded enthusiastically. Consumers have shown great interest and recognition for the addition of this innovative product, and sales figures show that the new selfie stick has exceeded expectations, demonstrating the market's urgent need for a high-quality selfie experience.

The introduction of this selfie stick undoubtedly provides a brand new option for people who love photography, live broadcasting and outdoor adventure, so that every selfie can become a stage for displaying personality and creativity. Currently, the product has been launched in the official mall and major e-commerce platforms, interested users can go to learn more details and experience the unprecedented new realm of selfie.