18inch 90W 5600K LED Circle Ring Fill Light with LCD Screen for Live Streaming Vlogging


Super Easy & Fast Color ChangeHSU 18 inch Ring Light can be controlled via the knob on the ring light as well as an IR remote control when you need to adjust it far away. The Step-less adjustment makes color temperature and brightness change super easy and quick. Adjust the color temperature from 2700K to 5600K easily without using color filters and ring light have a wide brightness dimming range from 10%-100%. Cold white, white, or warm white is easily switched on your hand.

360 Degree Rotatable Phone Holder: It comes with a ball head and a smartphone holder which compatible with most smartphone models. You can change your cell phone horizontally or vertically at any angle according to your needs. You can also use a camera to take videos or Vlogging. (Camera is not included). With Bluetooth remote control and, you’re free for taking pictures.

Wide applicability: Widely applied to zoom, lighting, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography, makeup, YouTube videos, studio shoot, portrait photography, live streaming and blogger, hair salon, etc. Color and brightness adjust to light up your skin, let you more confidence to face the camera.

  • Weight: 2.2KG
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Black/White/Pink
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Additional information

Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions51.5 × 50 × 7 cm


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