Landscape photography is one of the basic types of photography that all levels of photographers do. You may be engaged in it as a fine art photographer, or as part of a project, or simply for your own enjoyment as snapshots.

Regardless of the reason for your landscape photography, there are landscape photography accessories and tips that will help you capture amazing outdoor photography images.

Polarizer Filter

A polarizer filter is one of the most useful indoor or outdoor photography accessories a photographer can own. It should probably be among your first accessories if you are a beginner to DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

Additionally, with 16 layers of multi-coatings, this filter will repel water, dust, oils, and fingerprints, that way you can spend more time actually taking beautiful photos and less time cleaning your filter.

Sturdy Tripod

Tripods are another must have nature photography accessories. You have many options in regards to size, weight, and functionality.

Travel tripods are generally very lightweight and will fold up compactly enough to fit in your camera bag or backpack. Another feature that sturdy tripods should have is rubber feet with spikes. Rubber feet keep the tripod in place while spikes offer an extra layer of stability on snow, ice, or uneven terrain.

Remote Release

Since you’re using your tripod for additional stability to improve your images, and an essential extra landscape photography tip is to use a remote release to trigger your camera. It makes sense to use one to eliminate or reduce any possibility of camera shake.

The mechanical cable has been replaced by wired and wireless remotes. Some remotes also allow controlling other camera functions in addition to releasing the shutter. You may also be able to find a smartphone app for your particular camera, some of which is just like using your camera’s menu from the viewscreen.

Graduated Neutral Density  Filter

The more involved you find yourself in any style of landscape photography, the more you see a need for extra control over exposure and composition. Putting your camera on a tripod and using a graduated neutral filter is a useful method of taking full control of your outdoor photography.

Filter Camera Bubble Level

Some newer cameras have a built-in electronic level. Accessing the viewfinder grids also works well. If your camera doesn’t have those features, one of the least expensive landscape photography accessories is the hot shoe mounted bubble level.

Landscape Photography Tips

The most useful landscape photography tips focus a lot on exposure and composition. Practice new techniques and learn all the features of your camera in order to maximize your success in capturing great landscape photographs.