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HSU Large Protective EVA Carrying Case Storage Bag for GoPro Hero 12/11/10/9/8 Camera Accessories

HSU Large Protective EVA Carrying Case Storage Bag for GoPro Hero 12/11/10/9/8 Camera Accessories

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Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:HSU
Model Number:HGP5103A
Minimum Order Quantity:2
Price:US$6. 8
Packaging Details:Each one packed in a poly bag and then10 pcs put into a shipping carton.
Delivery Time:Sample within 3 working days, Bulk order within 15-30 days
Payment Terms:Wire Transfer/PayPal/Western Union and so on
Supply Ability:2, 000 pieces/week


1, Protection Case-Protection Carrying Case is specially designed as a Carry Case for Go pro camera, Go pro accessory, equipment and other devices, so it will protect the case content.

2, Large Carrying Case-Taking everything you need when you take the carry case, The Larger carry case for Go pro is suitable for every Go Pro Enthusiasts, High quality EVA interior features compartments for Go Pro Hero4 black or silver, 3+, 3 or 2 camera plus housing, housing backdoors, 2x battery, power plug, remote control, battery pack or LCD

3, Waterproof Case-Water resistant exterior and zipper: The exterior of the case is completely weatherproof, due to the DWR (durable water repellent) treatment, water will simply run off of the case rather than saturating the material.

4, Multiple Case-Ideal for travel or home storage: The case is 12. 3" x 8. 3" x 2. 8" inches (width x height x depth) so it is a convenient size to keep at home or take travelling with you in a backpack or in carry-on luggage.

5, Convenient Case-It also features a carry handle and includes a carabiner loop, so it is easy to carry with you or attach to a belt or larger bag, Elastic Mesh provide extra storage


Product NameHSU Large Protective EVA Carrying Case Storage Bag for GoPro Hero 12/11/10/9/8 Camera Accessories
MaterialHigh Quality EVA+Nylon
ColorMainly Black
What's in the box1* Carrying Case
Size12. 3" x 8. 3" x 2. 8"
Weight1. 16 Pounds

Quick Detail:

1, Product Name:

Large Protective EVA Carrying Case for GoPro

GoPro Large EVA Travel Case

GoPro Protective Storage Case

2, Main Purpose:

The Large Protective EVA Carrying Case for GoPro is specifically designed to offer secure and organized storage for GoPro cameras and accessories. It serves as an ideal solution for safely transporting and storing GoPro equipment, providing protection against impacts, scratches, and environmental elements.

3, Core Specifications:

Size: The case dimensions are 12. 3" x 8. 3" x 2. 8", offering ample space to accommodate various GoPro cameras, mounts, batteries, and accessories.

Weight: With a weight of 1. 16 Pounds, the case is lightweight and portable, making it convenient for travel and outdoor activities.

Material: Constructed with high-quality EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) and Nylon materials, the case ensures durability and resistance against wear and tear. The combination of EVA and Nylon provides a protective barrier for the enclosed GoPro gear.

Interior Organization: The interior of the case features customizable foam compartments, allowing users to arrange and secure their GoPro equipment efficiently. This ensures that each component has a designated space, preventing movement during transport.

Secure Closure: The case is equipped with a reliable zipper closure, providing secure and easy access to the contents. The zipper design enhances protection, preventing dust and debris from entering the case.

Portability: The compact and portable design of the case, combined with a comfortable carrying handle, makes it suitable for on-the-go adventures, ensuring that GoPro enthusiasts can easily carry and access their gear wherever they go.


1, Travel and Adventure:

Ideal for on-the-go enthusiasts, the Large Protective EVA Carrying Case for GoPro is perfect for travel and outdoor adventures. It securely stores and organizes GoPro cameras and accessories, providing a protective barrier against impacts and ensuring all gear is readily accessible for capturing memorable moments.

2, Outdoor Sports and Activities:

Tailored for outdoor sports and activities, the case is designed to withstand the rigors of various environments. Whether hiking, biking, or participating in extreme sports, users can trust the case to keep their GoPro equipment safe and secure during high-intensity adventures.

3, Professional Filmmaking and Photography:

Filmmakers and photographers can rely on the Large Protective EVA Carrying Case to organize and transport their professional GoPro setups. The customizable foam compartments ensure that delicate camera equipment remains in place and protected, making it an essential accessory for content creators on the move.

4, Water Sports and Underwater Photography:

Suited for water sports enthusiasts, the case provides reliable protection for GoPro cameras and accessories during activities such as snorkeling, diving, and surfing. Its durable EVA construction safeguards equipment from water exposure, ensuring that users can confidently capture stunning underwater footage.

5, Storage and Organization at Home:

The Large Protective EVA Carrying Case is not only for travel; it also serves as a practical solution for organizing GoPro gear at home. Users can keep their cameras, mounts, batteries, and other accessories neatly arranged, making it easy to grab the essentials when heading out for an adventure.

Competitive Advantage:

The case is crafted with a combination of high-quality EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) and Nylon materials, ensuring a durable and robust structure. This premium construction sets it apart, providing superior protection for GoPro cameras and accessories against impacts, scratches, and wear.

Customizable Foam Interior:

Featuring a customizable foam interior, the case allows users to tailor the layout to their specific GoPro equipment. This level of customization ensures a snug fit for each component, preventing movement during transport and providing an extra layer of protection for delicate gear.

Water-Resistant Design:

The Large Protective EVA Carrying Case boasts a water-resistant design, offering an additional layer of defense against unexpected rain or water splashes during outdoor activities. This feature ensures that GoPro equipment remains dry and functional, making it a reliable choice for water-based adventures.

Secure Zipper Closure:

Equipped with a reliable zipper closure, the case provides a secure seal to keep out dust, debris, and moisture. The zipper design enhances the protective capabilities of the case, ensuring that GoPro gear stays safe and secure during transportation and storage.

Optimal Size and Portability:

With dimensions of 12. 3" x 8. 3" x 2. 8", the case strikes a balance between spaciousness and portability. It offers ample room for various GoPro accessories while remaining compact enough for convenient travel. The inclusion of a comfortable carrying handle enhances its portability, making it an excellent choice for users on the move.